Tuesday, April 5, 2011

30 second zero dollar NO SEW nursing tank top

Ok, so you don't have time to sew a new shirt? That doesn't mean you can't make one! "But, Nichole, my sewing machine is in storage!" Well you can still make this!

Start with 2 tank tops (or even 2 shirts if you want) that are made of a no fray jersey or knit material ( so that you wont have to hem anything). I am using these two old A shirts that my husband doesn't wear anymore.
Now I am going to cut holes for nipples in one shirt and cut the bottom of the other shirt off. I am using the darker fabric shirt to layer on top of the lighter fabric because if I was using the lighter color over the darker it would show through.
I cut the holes for the nipple openings small enough so that just the nipple shows but large enough so that I can reach through the hole to unsnap the bra.

And that's it! Walk out the door and move on! You have a new shirt! Put on the shirt with the holes and then put the cumberbun part over those holes! You get extra bonus points if you have a belly band from your pregnancy and don't have to cut up a second shirt! How cool is that! You can also use the same cumberbum you just cut out on other shirts!

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  1. I like this! I'm from Manila where it's almost always summer, and will be visiting a colder climate with my family soon. I'm planning to use your cummerbund idea on longsleeved t-shirts with your cutout nursing access. Thanks so much for sharing.