Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let me introduce you to Sew-Z

I have been blogging about mommyhood and such for a little while now and I have seemed to steer more in the sewing and crafting direction lately so I have decided to start anew with a blog devoted solely to my sewing and crafting! I hope to help even those who are "sew" illiterate to make their own clothing, baby products and whatever else I feel like making! I will also take requests if you have any. Or if I make something that you really like but do not have the time to make yourself let me know and I can make it for you! By no means am I claiming to be some expert or professional seamstress... just a girl who one day borrowed her mother's (which was HER mother's) sewing machine to fix her favorite pair of pants one day and just never gave it back! I fixed those pants and made a purse and book covers (as I was still in the 7th grade then) and a shirt all in a day! I became a creator that day and have never looked back!

I have, however, since moved on and bought a new sewing machine! Well actually my husband got it for me and I still haven't learned all the functions on it. But that's OK because all sewing machines do the same general things. If you are going to be a regular follower of this blog though I should really introduce you to my machine, who I like to call "Sew-Z"... get it... its like Suzie only its "Sew-Z" because she's a sewing machine! HA Anyway, Sew-z is a Brother CS6000i She has lots of built in stitch options and is much more computerized that my mom's old Singer.

But whether you have the same machine as I do or you have something more or less complicated all machines have many general similarities. They pretty much all require the same things to sew and thread just about the same way. Here are a couple videos I made this morning on the various parts of a typical machine and how to make a bobbin and thread a machine and sew!

This video just introduces you to the various parts of my machine. Your machine may have some differences but they are all generally very similar. 

This next video will show you how to make a bobbin and thread a machine. All machines are a little different but they all are generally the same. I tried to explain some of the differences. 

Here are some closeup pictures of the needle and bobbin area
basic anatomy of the needle area

using the auto threading hook

when threading the bobbin this is the general direcion that it will go. Be sure to leave enough extra thread so that the machine can pull up the bobbin thread when you sew.
And thats it for an intro. Do you know a little more about your machine now? If not email me a picture of your machine or tell me the brand and model that you have and I will help you figure out what is where and how to prepare your machine for sewing. Once you do this a few times it becomes second nature!

When you get yourself all ready to go come back and we will get started on our first project. A very simple super easy woven baby wrap or baby carrier.


  1. Nichole, I could not have figured out how to use the needle threader on my new Brother 6000i without your blog. Sure couldn't see that little hook.

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